Farming and The Beloved Community

I have always wanted to have a farm. I think the seed was planted into me as my mom told grand stories of her life growing up on her farm in North Carolina. My grandfather was one of few black men in the early 1900s who owned their own land. Even though my mom’s grand parents were slaves, their son grew up to own his own farm, restaurant and gas station. I think it was the stories of how her whole family and even those in the community would come together to work on her father’s farm, that has fueled my desire to create a farm. I also loved hearing the stories of how they would share the meals together from crops and animals raised on the farm.

I was born in Washington, DC and my husband was born in Detroit, but even in our little suburban life as a married couple we have a farmer’s spirit. My husband is a chemical engineer, and as a hobby he studies the science behind essential oils. He uses them to treat everything in our family and they really work. He also likes to grow different plants and brew his own special iced tea. He has a real interest in growing what we need to live and in making compost. I have a love for raising animals and have found so much joy in raising angora rabbits for their wool. After going to a fiber festival, I now have an interest in raising merino sheep and possibly alpaca. We use our rabbit poop to fertilize our yard and plants as well. We also plan to raise chickens and ducks. We don’t have to traditional farm, but we have the farmer’s spirit and are doing farming through raising our angora sheep and the few plants we raise for our sustainable living, so we have declared that we are urban farmers!

We are praying about God’s direction in developing a larger farm and we will continue to keep you posted. In the mean time we continue (as we have always done) to open our home to friends, family and others who seek to experience the Beloved Community and we continue to grow as urban farmers. We hope you enjoy our site and our posts about our journey into urban farming!

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