We raise French, German and English angora for fiber (Beloved Bunnies). Our next breeding will not be until the Fall of 2019. That breeding will be of French Angora. Our breeding of our English and German will not take place until Spring 2020, so please be sure to check back here for updates.

Currently we are preparing to sheer our French angora in June 2019. If you are interested in purchasing angora wool from us, please contact us for more information. We mix angora wool with merino wool to make yarn.

In addition, we allow families to visit with our rabbits. Rabbits are great therapy and bring us so much joy! Their soft wool and docile personalities really are quite therapeutic. We currently have 10 angora rabbits. 2 Germans (both red eyed white), 4 French (two red-eyed white and 2 torte/red) and 4 English (2 black, 1 blue and 1 broken chocolate). Our angoras have come from Charm City Angora (French), Trinity Farm (French), Multi Florarose farm (English) and Spinning Beauties (Germans). We are continuing to work with other farms and rabbitries in order to add other lines and colors to our angora, with the hopes of bringing you the best quality wool from these three types. We will soon be bringing in 2 more German, 2 more English angora and we will also be adding blue French angora to our lines as well.

In addition, our sons raise their own sets of rabbits: Mini Rexes and Lionheads. Please check out their links to see their personal rabbitry pages! Our daughter has decided to be my business partner with the angora. She especially loves the English angora.