Beloved Angora and Lops

Our most Beloved bunnies are our angora. We raise French, English and German angora and this breeding program is what pushed us into creating our farm! We have enjoyed how people respond to the angora. Their soft wool and sweet personalities have delighted many people that visit our home. As our breeding and wool program has grown to 11 angora and counting, we discovered from the Dept. of Agriculture that we are a farming program. Our hope is to eventually grow into raising sheep, alpaca, angora goats and other fiber animals. The angora are our first step into creating a full fiber farm.

Our next breeding will be of our French angora and will happen in October 2019. We expect REW, Torte and possibly red and black French angora from this litter. The moms are Ruby (an REW from Charm City Angora) and Amber (a red/cream angora from Trinity Farm).

In addition to angora, on a small scale, I breed Holland lops. We will be breeding our Hollands in late August, 2019. Although we adore our angora, we also have a real interest in lop rabbits. They are the sweetest, cuddliest and cutest of all rabbits. Our plan is to expand our lop program into raising mini lops and possibly the French lop.